Radio Dept., The - Pet Grief

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When the band was asked to describe the period after 'Lesser Matters' we got this reply: Ideology, Amaterurism. Hype. Angst. Touring. USA. XL Recordings. Shelflife. England. 'Get a drummer!'. Fighting. Holland. Beligum. France. Spain. Italy. Germany. Angst. Euphoria. Mitt Sista LIV. Pary. Sonic. NME. Digfi. Work. Friends. Enimies. Separation. Unemployment. Money. Poverty. Record label. Fighting. Sophia Coppola. Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Björnstorp. Winter. Malmo. Stockholm. Art. Pop music.

'Pet Grief' is a completely different album than the debut "Lesser matters". Still, you'll hear from the very first chord that you're listening to the Radio Dept. The mood is darker, more epic, grander and even more beautiful than ever. 'Pet Grief' is the best songs Pet Shop Boys never wrote and the album you'd hoped My Bloody Valentine did after 'Loveless'. The key to what makes it so special, what makes it all sound so much like the Radio Dept. Might be the ever present melancholy that permeate everything they write. LTM. 2006.