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Angels Horn - HP-H002-OR, Walnut

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Nominsl Speeds: 33 1/3 , 45 RPM
Speed Vsriance: ±1%
Wow and Flutter: ≤0.15%
Signal to Noise: 55dB
Downforce Range: 3.0-6.0g
Effective Tonearm Length: 8.6"
Overhang: 0.73"
Power Consumption: 5W(Max)
Outboard Power Supply: 12V 500mA AC-DC
Product Dimensions(W*H*D): 16.5*14.2*4.9"
Weight:12.6 lbs

Technical Specifications: AT-3600L(audio-technica)
Frenquency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Recommended Load Resistance: 47kohms
Channel Balance: <2.5dB
Channel Separation: > 18dB
Output Voltage: 2.5mV
Weight: 0.17oz
1. Solid Iron Platter: Precision-manufactured iron platter produces uniform inertial mass for perfect stability and rotation;

2. Two-Speed Turntable (33 1/3 And 45 Rpm):A DC servo motor and belt drive system can spin the iron turntable at 33 1/3 or 45 RPM speeds;

3. Traditional Style: Wood Appearance, Dust Cover, Classic Turntable Design With Modern Technology - A Balanced Blend Of Modernity And Mid-Century Charm, With Key Modern Features;

4. Advanced Anti: Skating system Coupled with the tonearm bearings’ fluid movements practically caresses the vinyl, preventing scratches ensuring the stylus rests perfectly in the record’s groove;

5. Adjustable Counterweight & Anti-Skating Force: Essential for any serious classic Turntable. Tonearm counterweight coupled with the advanced anti-skating system produces smooth stylus movement and tunes out skipping and distortion;

6. Great Connectivity: The AngelsHorn turntable offers a switchable Phono/Line output, Turntable base features a built-in amplifier and switchable preamp, Pre-amplifier allows connection to your externally-powered speakers via the dual RCA output cables, which enables you to play vinyl records over a stereo system without Phono input or manually over the Phono Preamplifier;

7. Package Contents:
1 x Turntable body
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Cartridge Alignment Protractor
1 x Counterweight
1 x USB-PC Cable
1 x Turntable Belt
1 x Anti-skating Weight
1 x Adaptor with the US-plug-end
1 x Turntable mat Platter