Cale, John - M:Fans (180 Gram, Digital Download)

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180 gram double vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. M: FANS is a radical new reworking of one of John Cale's most unique and lauded solo records, the 1982 masterpiece Music For A New Society. M: FANS explores the relationship between old and new, in terms of the sound and vision, and Cale's memories of the experience, in terms of his life and the recording. Back and forth M: FANS goes, sampling the original, while creating brand new soundscapes, giving Cale the opportunity for closure on one of the most testing eras of his life, and a way to keep moving forward. In 1982, Music For A New Society sounded exactly like it's title: something futuristic, a new kind of songwriting exercise. In 2015, M: FANS is exactly that too, full of electrical crackle and disturbed frequencies, a different kind of dystopian future awaits. John Cale forages on; it's the only way he knows how.