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Chatten, Grian - Chaos For The Fly (Opaque White)

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Limited white colored vinyl LP pressing. 2023 release. Chaos For The Fly is the debut solo album from Grian Chatten, vocalist of Dublin's critically-acclaimed band Fontaines D.C. Rare moments of respite from a relentless touring schedule afforded Chatten the opportunity to start work on something for himself, occupying a completely different headspace from his hugely successful work within Fontaines D.C. Co-produced by the band's longstanding producer Dan Carey, the album is arguably the most poetic we've heard from Chatten. Each song here has a sweep of colour and textures that breathe life into his lucid tales. Over it's nine tracks, Chaos For The Fly is a record that takes in all of life's rich emotions, transporting the listener to a place you not only want to visit, but will find yourself returning to again and again. 

  • Tracks
  • 1 The Score
  • 2 Last Time Every Time Forever
  • 3 Fairlies
  • 4 Bob's Casino
  • 5 All of the People
  • 6 East Coast Bed
  • 7 Salt Throwers Off a Truck
  • 8 I Am So Far
  • 9 Season for Pain