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El Rocko - Daydreaming (EP) (Translucent Red Cassette)

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The debut EP from Yellow Racket's own El Rocko is now available on translucent red cassette and compact disc!

This premium quality translucent red cassette is housed in a norelco case and contains the full EP (6 tracks, approx. 18 minutes) on both sides of the cassette -- so you can listen to the whole thing, start to finish without stopping, on either side!

From the artist:

"Many people experienced some kind of time dilation during the pandemic. Days would stretch on forever, and nights would feel like an hour. Like so many, I lived alone for the first half of the pandemic. My days and nights melded together; there were no rhythms that separated things. I had never experienced anything like it before. And then, a few months into the pandemic, I got married. My fluid days and nights ceased to be a dream that I was caught in– they became a dream I shared with someone. We went to Montana for our honeymoon and, as had been the case back home, saw virtually no one. We were surrounded by dense forest and the summer sun that never quite set. We shared endless days in this unraveling sometimes-dream-sometimes-nightmare. I thought a lot about God, death, injustice, patience, nature and beauty there. Out of these musings and conversations with my wife was born this EP. Daydreaming is essentially the chronicle of that year and a half, the dreams and nightmares, the days and nights melded into one."

- Chase Waller, El Rocko


1. I Keep Thinking 01:53 

2. Days Now 02:49 

3. Sun Farm 02:53 

4. Lupine 03:38 

5. Fear 04:34  

6. Crying 02:17


Chase Waller - Vocals, Guitars, Drums
Sammie Brown - Background Vocals

Produced by Chase Waller
Mixed by Ben VanderHart
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Mastering

Cover Art by Tucker Krajewski

Cassette Design by Ben VanderHart