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Man On Man - Provincetown (Blue, Gatefold, Digital Download Card)

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Limited baby blue colored vinyl LP pressing housed in gatefold jacket. Includes digital download. Man on Man (M.O.M.), the musical project started by boyfriends Joey Holman (Holman) and Roddy Bottum (Faith No More, Imperial Teen, Crickets, Nastie Band), is infused with indie-rock distortion and soaked in gay pop confidence while still maintaining an acerbic and pure sense of humor. Man on Man's music has a timeless appeal, transcending genre and decade. The duo's music celebrates the love they have for each other while championing the queer scenes they surround themselves with. 

  • Tracks
  • 1 Take It from Me
  • 2 Showgirls
  • 3 I Feel Good
  • 4 Haute Couture
  • 5 Piggy
  • 6 Kids
  • 7 Feelings
  • 8 Gloryhole
  • 9 Who Could Know
  • 10 Hush