SGNL MTNS - Digital Stains/Little Nukes

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About the artist: "I am an improv artist. Everything you hear has been recorded using a simple keyboard and a loop pedal on a smart phone voice recorder live, in the moment, and represents the mood of the moment. The only editing done is either a fade in or out, and run through a stereo cassette equalizer, to minimize hiss mainly."

This album was recorded between August 2019 to January 2020. It is technically side two on a cassette paired with Digital Stains. Neither are listed as side a or b. They're just two albums originally released and still available on cassette. Each filling a 45 minute side of a 90 minute tape.

The music itself, was recorded live, in the moment, with a Samsung phone voice recorder, and played on a $150 Yamaha keyboard and a boss loop pedal. One where you mess up, you have to start over or live with it. And as you may be able to tell, I let mistakes just be and tried to work with them. The idea of this project is let them live for the moment as they were. If deemed good enough to make the cut, of course. I have many more song moments that just didn't cut it. But plenty of material for B-side albums in the future. The only editing done to these songs are, level variances on a stereo equalizer, and then either fading in and/or out, while recording from phone to cassette. I've also made then available on CD as well.