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Sun Ra - Space Is the Place (Boxed Set, Silver, Gold, Green Vinyl)

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This deluxe package includes three LPs, a Blu-ray disc, and a DVD. The audio portion contains the original music composed for the film, which was eventually released as a soundtrack in 1993. It also features The Mathematics of the Altered Destiny, a third, previously unissued LP recorded in the same soundtrack sessions, which is finally being released half a century after it was recorded. This newly discovered LP is heavy on the prose of Sun Ra, as he and June Tyson bestow countless bits of information and inspiration onto the listener. The film soundtrack is an entirely different journey than the 1973 Blue Thumb LP it shares it's title with. We suggest you take both journeys. These recordings were sourced from the Sun Ra tape vault, then were digitally restored to make an album this special sound the best it possibly could. The Blu-ray contains the entire glorious film complete with film artifacts and was sourced from the restoration prepared by Rapid Eye Movies of Germany. The bonus features on the Blu-ray are composed of Ra and Ra-centric material from the Modern Harmonic archives, including video from the Outer Space Visual Communicator footage. 

  • Tracks
  • 1 It's After the End of the World
  • 2 Under Different Stars
  • 3 Discipline 33
  • 4 Watusa
  • 5 Calling Planet Earth
  • 6 I Am the Alter-Destiny
  • 7 Satellites Are Spinning
  • 8 Cosmic Forces
  • 9 Outer Spaceways Incorporated
  • 10 We Travel the Spaceways
  • 11 The Overseer
  • 12 Blackman / Love in Outer Space
  • 13 Mysterious Crystal
  • 14 I Am the Brother of the Wind
  • 15 We'll Wait for
  • 16 Space Is the Place
  • 17 The Mathematics of the Altered Destiny (Previously Unissued)Listen Intently to the Things I Do Not Say (Previously Unissued)
  • 18 Creation Is Fabrication (Previously Unissued)
  • 19 My World Is the Space Way (Previously Unissued)