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Sunset Rubdown - Snake's Got A Leg (Clear Vinyl)

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 Originally released in 2005, Snake's Got A Leg is the first full-length by Sunset Rubdown-a solo project of Spencer Krug at that time. The album was curated from a series of bedroom recordings that Krug had made sporadically throughout the early aughts, and the variety of mood and style found across this set of low-fi and near-genreless songs sets the stage for the project's full-band releases to come. Fans of later Sunset Rubdown who have an affinity for wild experimentation will likely find something to love here. 

  • Tracks
  • 1 The Dust You Kick Up Is Too Fine
  • 2 Snake's Got a Leg
  • 3 I'll Believe in Anything You'll Believe in Anything
  • 4 Hey You Handsome Vulture
  • 5 Hope You Don't Stoop to Dirty Words
  • 6 Hope You Don't Stoop to Dirty Words 2
  • 7 Cecil's Bells
  • 8 I Know the Weight of Your Throat
  • 9 Sol's Song
  • 10 Stadiums and Shrines
  • 11 Snake's Got a Leg 2
  • 12 Portrait of a Shiny Metal Little Boy